Benefits of Yoga

Yoga unites the body mind and breath; it allows you to focus inwardly to reconnect with what it is that makes you “you”. Yoga helps to co-ordinate the breath, mind and body to encourage balance, both internally and externally and promote feelings of relaxation and ease.

Although many of the benefits of yoga aren’t instantaneous, most people leave their yoga class feeling better than they did when they went in; yoga seems to have an uplifting effect. Better still, once you begin your regular yoga practice, as well as noticing an improvement in your posture, you will also see an improvement in your flexibility, stamina and strength, both mentally and physically. You will begin to notice in your everyday life when your shoulders are slumped, and how much better it feels to straighten your spine and roll your shoulders down.

As your muscles grow stronger, yoga poses will begin to feel a little easier, allowing you to go that little bit deeper into the postures. You may notice that you can reach further in a forward bend, perhaps to your toes where you previously could only reach your shins; or it may be that you can reach your knees whereas previously your hands were to your thighs.

As well as toning muscles and extending the range of movement in the joints, there are also internal benefits; the organs, glands and nerves are all stimulated during a yoga practice, helping to keep all bodily systems in the peak of health.

Regular yoga practice lowers stress levels by developing relaxation and breathing techniques. Over time you may see an improvement in the quality of your breathing, taking deeper, slower breaths rather than the shallow, fast breathing that our modern lifestyles often cause. In your yoga class you learn to focus, which can have a knock-on effect in other areas of your life; you may find that you are able to concentrate for longer, becoming less easily distracted.

People who practice yoga regularly often report increased feelings of well-being; they feel calmer, more relaxed and they often sleep better. They often experience an increase in energy levels and find their mental clarity greatly improves.

A few hours a week of regular practice really can improve many aspects of your life! Don’t take my word for it – come and try it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!