What to expect when you come to a Yoga class

Initial grounding
In a typical yoga class, you first spend some time “grounding” or centring yourself, bringing yourself into the moment, forgetting what has already happened, leaving thoughts of what still has to be done, and simply focusing on you now in this moment, moment by moment.

Focus on the breath
You will then spend some time focusing on the breath; the breath is the most important thing in yoga – it carries you into the postures. Spending some time working with the breath can set the tone for your yoga practice.

The qualities of your breath reflect what is going on in your mind; slow deep breaths reflect a calm, relaxed mind. Conversely, if your mind is scattered and agitated, spending some time working with the breath, to deepen and slow it down can then have the effect of relaxing and slowing the mind.

You would then move into the postures; as well as toning the muscles and extending the range of movement in the joints, the postures also benefit the body internally; stimulating organs, glands and nerves, keeping all systems in healthy.

After working so hard on the physical element of yoga, you then deserve a lovely relaxation at the end of the class! This is the most important part of the practice as it settles the body and mind, and allows you to absorb the benefits of the class.

Leave feeling relaxed and renewed!